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A Local Restaurant Owner Steals From the Community and Pockets off of Tragedy


November, 18th 2010

Sacramento, CA- A local news story uncovers a dark and disturbing man. Steve Lightfoot, owner of Lightfoot’s California Cuisine, a former client of Get Me Goings, is being accused of holding events for charity and pocketing the money. He is also being accused of bouncing payroll checks, and paying his vendors on bank checks that are inactive. “These allocations are unbelievable. I knew I was being screwed out of money, but this story just keeps unveiling more corruption than a good drama movie”, says Troy Goings, co-owner of Get Me Goings.

Mr. Lightfoot held a benefit for Jared Ditri, a former employee, to raise money for the grieving family to help with funeral costs. One problem, the money never got to the family. “That is disgusting. Our firm put a lot of time, money and effort in making sure the Ditri family had a benefit to celebrate a life that was tragically taken away from them too soon.” Gary Goings says, co-owner of Get Me Goings. “We just found out they did not receive this money”, adds Goings.

Because of a local news reporter uncovering all of the facts, Steve Lightfoot has been forced to pay the grieving mother the money raised to the sum of $1400.00, and the final paycheck of her son which also bounced. He has also had to shut down the restaurant and more than likely will face criminal charges. “It seems as though everything is working out”, comments Troy Goings.

There is still one more factor to this story. We need to think about the employees that worked at Lightfoot’s California Cuisine. Many of them worked for months with bounced paycheck, and excuses. Now, before the holiday season, they have no jobs, and no money. “I am encouraging all of Lightfoot’s former employees to contact me”, Troy Goings says. “We will set up an appointment to see what skills you have. We will also assist you with your resume if needed. There is no charge for this. We just truly want to help you guys out of a horrible situation, adds  TroyGoings.

Troy Goings goes on to add, “If you are a business owner, contact me!  I am collecting resumes from the employees who were taken advantage by a spineless individual. These employees, are very hard and loyal workers. They took their lumps, and now are ready to prove themselves to an employer that is worthy! Please contact us at 888-768-8070.”

Now we are asking the community news resources for any help that you may give. We appreciate anything and everything. The staff literally had a 12 hour notice informing them that they had no job.


  1. Christie Arellanes says:

    Hey troy,
    I was an employee at Lightfoot’s restaurant and he owes me about $500. Sad thing is, he was my friend from culinary school. I went the whole way through culinary school with lightfoot and developed a friendship with him. When he asked me to work for him I was flattered that he wanted me to work at his own establishment. I gladly accepted the offer and promised myself to work as hard as I could for him. It didn’t take me long to discover what a disgusting person he really was, and how easy it was for him to screw everybody over! Now I feel i will never see my money and I honestly feel quite disgusted with myself for being associated with him for as long as I was.

    I honestly want to say sorry for the trouble it has caused you and everybody else, including myself, and I would like to say thank you for going out of your way and trying to help the people who were burned by his lies. This makes you quite an amazing person in my book!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Christie Arellanes

  2. Kellie Vanderbloom says:

    He is also a convicted registered sex offender. Why does Calif still not do back round checks on these idiots. Noticed I provided my name. You can run but you cant hide you monster. I will go to my grave making sure you never suceed at anything beside spending your life behind bars where you belong. There is Megans law website. I suggest to all you employees to check who you are working for in the future. Its free!

  3. Shelly Bale says:

    This is an amazing story. What a discusting human being. Troy you are an amazing man to take on helping all these people. And to the people- you are amazing for going through all this. I can’t imagine the horrible timing and horrible boss and I applaud your efforts. Part of me wonders how many people quit due to this heartless man… how many lives he stepped on. I can say that I’m happy that this terror is over and that he is crashing down.

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