Steve Lightfoot is a disgusting individual!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in NOTTY LIST

My name is Troy Goings, one of the owners of Get Me Goings. I am writing this statement as a response to the Channel 13 News Report from their segment titled, “Call Kurtis” As many of you witnessed, you saw a human being with no spine, and he answers to the name of Steve Lightfoot.

I am making a statement to let everyone know, that I organized the Charity Event for Jared Ditri. My firm had every intention to raise money for the Ditri Family. We worked really hard and long hours to bring this event together. We did this event for the family and for Mr. Lightfoot Pro Bono. We did not feel right accepting any payment for an event that was suppose to raise money for a grieving family to help them with any funeral costs.

As you are just finding out about the disgusting act, as am I . I was shocked when I found out that all of our efforts, and resources used to benefit the victim’s family, went into the pocket of Mr. Lightfoot. I am ashamed and embarrassed that I ever conducted business with this man.

To the Ditri family: my heart goes out to each and everyone of you! I wanted to do this for you to help you through your pain, instead I feel that we only made it worst. I know I am not to blame, but I feel that I have a part in this. It was not suppose to be like this. Please know that we are constantly working around the clock to find a resolution to this and hopefully help bring closure to this tragic string of events. If you guys need anything, please feel free to give me a call. There is always good in every situation, sometimes you just have to dig really deep to find it!
W. Troy Goings
Get Me Goings PR/Marketing firm


  1. Traci Ditri says:

    It means the world to me that you and your company did this for my family, and especially, for Jared. He was an exceptional young man who’s life was cut far too short, so we are left to deal with all that comes with losing a child too soon.
    The event that was put on for my son to honor him after his death was the most outstanding tribute that could possibly have taken place. Because of your efforts and your considerate gestures, combined with those of the people in the community, the day we memorialized Jared was an overwhelming success. I don’t mean a financial success; my family was not interested in money at any point. It was a success because our family and friends were comfortable, treated with respect, and felt the real spirit of the celebration that was intended to honor him that day. That event that was set up to honor and celebrate my son’s life could not have gone any better, and it was greatly due to you and your dedication to my family. Because of all the love and support we received, my son’s memorial celebration was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted and everything we could have asked for. A thousand thanks will never be enough to repay you for all you’ve done and for all the concern you’ve shown my family.

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