Steve Lightfoot

Posted: November 14, 2010 in NOTTY LIST, Press Releases

Congratulations to Mr. Steve Lightfoot. He is the first to be on our NOTTY LIST. Why is Mr. Lightfoot on this list. Because he is an individual who pays his vendors with bad checks. Mr. Lightfoot had sought help from our firm to help him bring business to his restaurant, Lightfoot’s California Cuisine. Our firm organized his GRAND OPENING and brought him the biggest night in food sales in his three months of ownership, with another huge night the next day. Mr. Lightfoot, failed to pay Get Me Goings for the services we provided him. He then ignored all requests for payments, as well ignoring all lines of communication with us.
Get Me Goings, in efforts of recooping some of the money they had lost to pay for the GRAND OPENING, created a great night of comedy. Troy Goings, co-owner of Get Me Goings, approached Mr. Lightfoot with a contract that would benefit both parties. The deal was that both parties would split all earnings that night fifty-fifty. This includes the cost of the comedians. Because, the comedians wanted to be paid before going on stage, Troy paid them in full.
The week of the show, Troy contacted Mr. Lightfoot several times to get the signed contract. On ever occassion, Mr. Lightfoot told Troy that he had not gotten a chance to review it.
On the day of the show, Troy arrived at 4pm, and asked Mr. Lightfoot, for the signed contract yet again. Mr Lightfoot responded, “Oh shut, I have nt even printed it out yet bud. I have been so busy”. He still did not provide Get Me Goings the contract yet again.
Towards the end of the night, Troy approached Mr. Lightfoot and mentioned that it is a good time to settle out. Mr. Lightfoot said that one of the servers dropped her money and report in the bar box and that we could not settle today. Troy then asked if he could at least pay for his half of the comedian fees. That was when Mr. Lightfoot told Troy that he was not going to pay for half of the comedians. Troy says, “Steve, that was in the contract!” I never signed a contract!” replied Steve. Mr. Lightfoot basically waited to see how successful the night was before he decided if he was going to invest into it or not. A very shady way to do business.
After a heated argument occurs, Mr. Lightfoot tells Troy that he will write him a check, but it is going to bounce.
The check was sent to the bank the very next morning and just as Mr. Lightfoot had said, the teller confirmed . There was no money to cover this check. So basically Mr. Lightfoot intentionally wrote Get Me Goings a  bad check. Come to find out, after talking to his other vendors, Get Me Goings is not the only victim to this bad check writting bandit. There are severaly other people waiting for their checks to be good.
So congratulations Steve Lightfoot, owner of Lightfoot’s California Cuisine in Roseville, off Riverside and I-80, you sir are the first recepient of the Get Me Goings Notty List Award!


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