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Our client, The Gold Refinery, is hosting a Gold Party at the offices of Get Me Goings. This is a perfect chance for you to bring some gold and leave with cash. There is NOTHING to buy. Simply bring in some of your unused or unwanted gold and leave with top dollar. All tests will be done right infront of you. Bring 8k -24k gold, silver, or platinum and they will give you cash right there on the spot!
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
PORTIONS OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO SUSAN G. KOMEN BREAST CANCER Foundation! Please help find a cure by NOT buying anything, and leaving the party with cash!
Hope to see everyone there!

February 24th 2011

6pm- 8pm

4748 Engle Rd #205

Carmichael, CA 95608


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with both very successful entrepreneurs and ones who aren’t so successful. What makes one entrepreneur successful while the other one not-so-much? Chances are they’re making one (or all three) of these mistakes. Read on to learn more.

1. Marketing their business is not a priority.

This is probably the biggest reason why I see businesses fail or either get sucked into a stressful feast-or-famine model (either too many or too few clients). They don’t make marketing their business a priority.

If you want to have a full pipeline of clients at all times then it’s crucial you make marketing a priority.

So what do I mean exactly by marketing your business? Basically two things — you have one or more ways to bring new leads in the door and you have one or more ways to turn those leads into clients. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up an opt-in box on your website so you can collect the names and email addresses of the people who visit your site, then have a follow up system in place once they give you their email address to start warming them up so they become clients. Ezines and teleclasses are two great tactics to use as follow up.

2. They don’t take action (or they don’t take action fast enough).

Successful businesses are built on momentum. Momentum is built on taking action. Whether it’s creating information products, launching new programs or even getting your new website up (or your ezine out), it’s all about taking action.

Now there is a caveat here. It’s not enough just to take action. You need to take the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT order. So how do you know if you’re doing that or not?

Well, one way to do that is to educate yourself about marketing and business-building. Or an easier (and faster) way is to find yourself a business/marketing coach or mentor who can quickly assess your situation and give you a plan of action. (Of course, once you have that, then you need to make sure you actually implement that plan.)

3. They give up too soon.

Look, every successful business person and entrepreneur I know has had a few stinkers. The difference is they’ve been in a business long enough to know a failure or two every now and then is normal and they move on. Entrepreneurs who are new or a little unsure of themselves tend to create a story around their failures that are simply not true. They’ll instead think there’s a problem with the product or the industry or themselves or something else — you get the picture. When the reality could be they didn’t market enough or they didn’t take enough action or they skipped a couple of steps when they were marketing their product or a myriad other easily preventable mistakes.

Before you throw in the towel on something — whether it’s a product you just created or your entire business, stop and ask for some help. Find out if success is just a few tweaks away or you really do need to do something

Here is a video that we wanted to share with you! This is our band SIMPLE CREATION. They are a Reggae/Rock band that produce great vibes. If you look closely, you will notice that the lead singer is Travis, the drummer. Take a look at this video of Simple Creation performing live at Harlows! For more information about this band or to book them at your venue, contact us at 888-768-8070.

By PHILLIP RAWLS, Associated Press Phillip Rawls, Associated Press – Wed Jan 5, 7:17 am ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Mark Twain wrote that “the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter.” A new edition of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” will try to find out if that holds true by replacing the N-word with “slave” in an effort not to offend readers.

Twain scholar Alan Gribben, who is working with NewSouth Books in Alabama to publish a combined volume of the books, said the N-word appears 219 times in “Huck Finn” and four times in “Tom Sawyer.” He said the word puts the books in danger of joining the list of literary classics that Twain once humorously defined as those “which people praise and don’t read.”

“It’s such a shame that one word should be a barrier between a marvelous reading experience and a lot of readers,” Gribben said.

Yet Twain was particular about his words. His letter in 1888 about the right word and the almost right one was “the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

The book isn’t scheduled to be published until February, at a mere 7,500 copies, but Gribben has already received a flood of hateful e-mail accusing him of desecrating the novels. He said the e-mails prove the word makes people uncomfortable.

“Not one of them mentions the word. They dance around it,” he said.

Another Twain scholar, professor Stephen Railton at the University of Virginia, said Gribben was well respected, but called the new version “a terrible idea.”

The language depicts America’s past, Railton said, and the revised book was not being true to the period in which Twain was writing. Railton has an unaltered version of “Huck Finn” coming out later this year that includes context for schools to explore racism and slavery in the book.

“If we can’t do that in the classroom, we can’t do that anywhere,” he said.

He said Gribben was not the first to alter “Huck Finn.” John Wallace, a teacher at the Mark Twain Intermediate School in northern Virginia, published a version of “Huck Finn” about 20 years ago that used “slave” rather than the N-word.

“His book had no traction,” Railton said.

Gribben, a 69-year-old English professor at Auburn University Montgomery, said he would have opposed the change for much of his career, but he began using “slave” during public readings and found audiences more accepting.

He decided to pursue the revised edition after middle school and high school teachers lamented they could no longer assign the books.

Some parents and students have called for the removal of “Huck Finn” from reading lists for more than a half century. In 1957, the New York City Board of Education removed the book from the approved textbook lists of elementary and junior high schools, but it could be taught in high school and bought for school libraries.

In 1998, parents in Tempe, Ariz., sued the local high school over the book’s inclusion on a required reading list. The case went as far as a federal appeals court; the parents lost.

Published in the U.S. in 1885, “Huck Finn” is the fourth most banned book in schools, according to “Banned in the U.S.A.” by Herbert N. Foerstal, a retired college librarian who has written several books on First Amendment issues.

Gribben conceded the edited text loses some of the caustic sting but said: “I want to provide an option for teachers and other people not comfortable with 219 instances of that word.”

In addition to replacing the N-word, Gribben changes the villain in “Tom Sawyer” from “Injun Joe” to “Indian Joe” and “half-breed” becomes “half-blood.”

Gribben knows he won’t change the minds of his critics, but he’s eager to see how the book will be received by schools rather than university scholars.

“We’ll just let the readers decide,” he said.

We brought it to you first! Here is a teaser trailer for the summer release of Smurf, the animated movie which of course will be in 3D.
They went from comic books, to a television series, and now 20 years later, they finally get their own movie. We can not wait for this to come out. Scheduled to be released in August 2011. Tell us who is your favorite Smurf in the comment section or on our Facebook comment section!

I found this article to be very interesting. This is yet another piece of evidence that times are changing when it comes to advertising and marketing your product. The opinions of the public matter more now than ever! Big corporations no longer have control of how they market their products. Eventually the public will take matters into their own hands. This is why it is so important to stay connected to your customers. If you are not utilizing a social media platform to display your products or service than you are losing revenue.
Take a look at this article and see how one shopper asked the opinion of her Facebook network to determine which brand she was to purchase!

Get Me Goings To Hire Interns!

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Get Me Goings is currently looking for interns that want to learn the exciting career of Public Relations. We are looking for journalist majors or communication majors. Here is a brief video as to what exactly it is that we do. Please send your resume to

We saw this ad and had to share. Who would have thought that the PC had to hire a PR firm to compete against Mac? What are you using? Macintosh or a PC with Microsoft?

Diversity Wedding Show!

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Take a look at this. For the first time in Northern California, we have gathered businesses  from different cultures that are in the wedding industry, and brought them all under one roof! We will have establishments that specialize in the hispanic culture, the Indian culture, the African-American culture, the Asian culture, the Russian culture, and the list goes on and on. Get Me Goings is proud to be one of the sponsors along with V101 FM and Go Girl Energy drink to name a few. This should be a very fun and entertaining event. So save your the date! Come out to the first ever Diversity Wedding Show, held January 23rd from 11-4pm at the Citrus Heights New Community Center.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please call us at 888-768-8070. We hope to see you there!


Niagara DRY?

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We thought this was an interesting story that we wanted to pass on

In 1965, reporters at local newspaper Niagara Falls Gazette revealed that the America Falls would eventually cease to flow and stop altogether if the rocks were not removed.

Four years later, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers were charged with de-watering the falls to clean the river bed and to remove any loose rock at the bottom of the falls. So they built a dam and dried up the great falls for 8 months.  Take a look at the video. You can also read more about this here